Using Background Images for Tabletop Flower Macro and Close Up Photography

By using printed backgrounds, you can travel the world and never leave your desk! Award winning photographer, Bonnie Marquette, shows you how to get flower photos using public domain photos or your own to create stunning images. This is part of the lessons in the online one-on-one workshop, “Tabletop Macro and Close Up Photography for Beginners.” The introduction goes over what the course offers, who can benefit from taking the course, what gear is needed and also has a few tips for beginners. The course is now available to limited students. To find out more and sign up for the course, go to

With a total of six in-depth lessons, each lesson includes: a video of the lesson with examples, a pdf notebook for each lesson, and best of all… she has you send in YOUR images and will review them and send you a taped response back. It’s truly 1 on 1 coaching!

The course is designed to be informal with information folks new to photography can understand… no math, no flashes, just simple techniques to get your images from “OK” to wow! The lessons learned can also be applied to other genres of photography.

Bonnie invites you into her home along with her menagerie of animals including 8 Mastiff dogs, a rescue puppy, a parrot, a cockatiel, horses and more. It’s like shooting in the wild kingdom!

The investment for the course is a total of $60.00 and you will have access to the lessons for as long as you need and can complete the course on your time frame. There’s no time limits.

Topics covered in the course:
Composition: Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Rule of Odd
Depth of Field: DoF Explained and how to get the “look” you want, using Aperture Priority Mode
Color, Contrast and Texture: How to make images POP!
Basic Lighting: Types of light without flash, using reflectors and boards, DIY desktop studio, DIY light table, moody lighting
Shooting Challenging Subjects: Glass, food, jewelry, adding backgrounds, props, seamless backgrounds and more
Putting it All Together: A Challenge…Taking the lessons you’ve learned and create a spectacular image! Also tips on printed backgrounds, high key images and low key images.

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  1. Stephen Stevenson on September 23, 2019 at 9:55 pm

    Thanks Bonnie. Awesome video!

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