Therefore, we do not want to talk about reusable bags, but only the canvas bag. If we discuss the bags made with canvas, that really too much, so please forgive us just talk about the big luxury canvas bag. Moreover, the summer season is belong to canvas bag, for its simple, lightweight, breathable, and the hot sun confrontation.At different times, canvas bag as a different role, in the early European immigrants in America, a yearning for freedom canvas bag, full of adventurous people’s favorite, LV was then started from a canvas suitcase. In China, the 1960s and 1970s, military green canvas bags as a fashion staff. From an aesthetic sense, not leather bag canvas bag and show off so unassuming, simple and elegant fabrics off than PV, more importantly, the canvas bag with a beautiful and practical, to accompany a woman to become a solid support.In the fashion industry, canvas bag is also an important role, both acting as a luxury brand’s entry-level marketing, nonwoven bags is the major brands of profit growth. Recalls the first luxury bag he get is a black canvas Gucci Messenger bag. After that, I seem to fall in love with a canvas bag, bought several brands of canvas, is the seating arrangement is a canvas bag, handle, pack cover or decorative accessories is the kind of leather canvas. To me, carrying this bag easy and pleasant, do not worry about the big logo and make a vulgar show off their suspicion, but it just a canvas bag!However, if the canvas bag was once a reason for entry, the brand reflects the essence of style, price and most civilians, and for the major luxury brands, “puerile”, then, is now the major brands of new canvas carrying bag is designed to ideal, LV out of a new year, “That’s Love” shopping bag price reached $ 1,720, said logo is sewn with real money. A canvas bag sold for 20,000 yuan, non woven bag china and the relationship between materials which have been not too large, and this only shows that it is a low-key elegance of the canvas.Croissant is a series of classic Fendi leather masterpiece, his famous line of decorative seam pressure even more than its famous double F logo also. For young women, handmade leather croissants are quite expensive. So Fendi successfully developed a fun and full of material – with a special gloss canvas, and stitched into a variety of different shapes as croissants.

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MHC’s products cover all of polyester/nylon bags (backpack, laptop bags, shoppers, sport bags, ect), and now mainly focus on freindly RPET bags & Eco bags.

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