Want to spice up your fantasy football games? Why not be part of minor fantasy football
playoff contests or some weekly fantasy football contests? It is
something to entertain you while you play fantasy football. Here some
interesting fantasy football playoff contents or just contests you can
join on a weekly basis.

Fantasy Football Playoff Contest Example # 1: The Fantasy Football 3-Play Contest

This is a fantasy contest available in some fantasy football sites.
You can join this contest for free. The objective of the game is you
should be able to pick the best quarterback, wide receiver or running
back each week without exception. It means if you manage to get two out
of three winners, you still lose. You do not have to stick to three
players every week so playing the game always has different elements to
it. The site has a “resident expert” and if you can do better than him
or you get a better score then you get additional points. With this kind
of contest, you do not have to worry about bye week or about players
who are injured.
Fantasy Football Playoff Contest Example # 2: The Fantasy Football Debates

There is a particular fantasy football debate event called “Great
Debates” and it is pretty cool. People involved select a particular
fantasy football topic and two opposing sides take turns to argue. For
the Great Debates, there are seven judges who will decide on who argued
the debate topic better.

Fantasy Football Playoff Contest Example # 3: Pro Football Pick’em Contest

This is the most common contest you will see played by fantasy
football players. The player will choose an NFL team which is picked
against a point spread. The underdog team will have a “+” sign in front
of its number. When the game is finished, the points of the team will
added to the number given to the underdog NFL team and this will
determine the winner of the game.

Fantasy Football Playoff Contest Example # 4: College Football Pick’em

This is similar to Pro Football Pick’em and it shares the same
concept and the rules with one exception—you are betting over college
football teams. This bet, for us, is even more challenging than betting
on NFL teams since there are many things to factor in, including
blowouts and upsets which occur on a weekly basis.
Fantasy Football Playoff Contest Example # 5: Lucky Ladders Contest

The way this works is players predict winners of all the NFL games.
Each team will have an assigned confidence rating for each selection
chosen. An example is if you get a 1, comparativelyFree Web Content, a game you do not
give any confidence on gets 15 points. Each prediction is said to be
placed rung in the ladder. When you get correct predictions you move up
the ladder and if you predict wrong then you stop getting scores.

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